Beast Strength Pack 5


Specifically designed for the Team and Group Monitoring, this bundle supports Coaches with the Beast Strength Pack Station Tracking System, optimising the workflow with minimum technology and logistics, still being able to monitor and apply Velocity Based Training to the whole weight room.
Team Spirit!
Beast Strength Pack 5 is sized for medium-large Teams and can track up to 5 Lifting Stations / barbells / machines / Groups at the same time, covering 30 Athletes in the Beast Training Group. No Subscription/Yearly Fee Required. 
Each Beast Sensor can be paired to a smarthphone and positioned to a specific training station (e.g. Squat Rack, Bench Press, etc.). Athletes can quickly select their Icons with just one tap on the screen to let the app knwo who is about to perform the exercise. 
Auto-Regulate the Training Session on the fly with third party validated Beast Live Algorithms.
Beast Leaderboard increases Motivation and Competitiveness in the Weight Room.
Data Analysis
Coaches can quickly export Training Data for further analysis and report Atheltes' progressions. 
Dedicated Support and Protection
All the Technology is defended with a solid Beast Case protecting your Tools from dust, water and shocks. 
Special 90 minutes Video Assistance Call by Beast Strength Lab helps you with cutting-edge Power & Strength Analysis and to optimally tailor Velocity Based Training solutions in your environment. 
Evolve your training methods with Efficacy and Cutting-Edge Innovation, get the most from any Strength Session and turn your Training Team into and Invincible Pack!

Discover more about Beast for Trainers here.

Beast Strength Pack 5 includes:
  • Beast Strength Pack Station Tracking System for Team Monitoring 
  • Beast Training Group with up to 30 Athlete Accounts on Beast Web Portal
  • Access to Beast Leaderboard 
  • 5 Beast Tracking Kits including 5 sensors, 5 wristbands, 5 USB Cables
  • Waterproof, Dustproof, Shockproof Beast Protection Case
  • Beast Strength Lab Kick Off call for installation and support
  • User Guide
Extra (opzionali):
  • 5 phone/tablet mounts
  • Beast Strength Lab Data Analysis, Testing and Consultancy during the season.
  • Extra Accounts




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