Beast Athlete


Enhance motivation
Watch in real time how much you are pushing rep by rep on your smartphone screen

Adapt lifting to your daily conditions
Break fixed set & rep schemes and let your daily shape and performance dictate the optimal loads for your training session

Optimize your strength training
Beast knows your athletic profile and guides you towards the optimal training zone for reaching your goals

Keep track of all lifts
All data is collected in the Beast Webportal, the first performance based training diary for weightlifting


Beast sensor will become your #1 training companion using data to build your athletic profile and deliver a set of relevant information based on sports science, which is key to help you reaching your training goals faster. By measuring Power, Speed and Force of all movements with a high precision accelerometer technology you will be able to get instant feedback on the quality of your workout – and keep the level UP! You will receive easy to understand metrics to adjust workouts to your goals and adapt training loads on your daily conditions, preventing injuries and overtraining, being 100% sure you are giving the maximum every single training day. 
Beast will keep you constantly on the edge of your personal best. Every single time you hit the gym, no matter what’s your story.
Discover more about Beast for Athletes here.


Package contains:

•    1x Beast sensor
•    1x wristband
•    1x user manual
•    1x micro-USB charging cable


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