• Beast Athlete

    Your Favourite Companion for Strength Training


    Track your lifts, optimise your workouts, check your Progress




  • Beast Trainer

    Designed for Coaches and Personal Training.


    Beast Training Group and Dashboard for 10 Customers

    Beast Sensor Tracking Kit with Robust Beast Case


  • Beast Strength Pack 2

    Dedicated to Strength Coaches and Teams. 


    Apply Velocity Based Training with Minimum Logistics.

    Track up to 15+ Athletes with only 2 sensors 


  • Beast Strength Pack 5

    The Monitoring System for Teams, Gyms, Crossfit Boxes. 


    Track up to 30 Athletes with only 5 sensors. 

    Increase Competition in the Weight Room with Leaderboard 


  • Accessories

    1 Rack mount for smartphone
    1 Beast Vest

  • Rack Mount

    1 Rack mount for smartphone

  • Strength Lab Coaching


    Choose our Beast Strength Lab Coaching Experience


    Data Driven Individualised Training Plans

    Velocity Based Strategies to regulate your workouts