How did you perform during your last workout?
Now you can stop relying only on feelings and sensations to
evaluate your workout quality: Beast Sensor is the perfect
tool to start quantifying your performance when lifting weights.


Workouts, no matter what's your
objective, need to take into account how
your body works. By measuring performance
daily you will instantly make better decisions
about loads, sets and reps.


Looking for some extra motivation to push through your sets?
International research demonstrates how monitoring
lifting performance in real-time will lead to faster improvement*


*Improvement effect of instantaneous performance feedback
during 6 weeks of velocity-based resistance training
on sport-specific performance tests.

Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, 25(1), 87-93.



Do what works and discard what doesn't! 
Start planning and evaluating your training
cycles based on results and monitor
achievements when increasing your max strength,
movement speed or your power and explosiveness
for each exercise.

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Beast is for the Enthusiast. But we support the following Personal Trainers, Pro Athletes and Coaches too!
Join them and achieve your training goals faster by monitoring performance every workout.  

Matt Scott
3x Paralympian Athlete - Team USA
"The Beast family has been a tremendous support system and the Sensor helps motivate me in the gym to be a stronger athlete."
Jeff Kruger
Head S&C Coach at Norwich University
Favorite Feature: Speed of information – Instantly the athlete has feedback that is not subjective.
Diego Cerioli
S&C coach Powervolley Milano
With Beast I found what I’ve been looking since a long time. it’s Technology, it’s Efficient, it’s simple to use. My athletes can now check in real time if their workout is headed towards the optimal type of Strength . I can check their workout metric through the powerful Training Portal and also have a powerful tool to program the next workouts."
National soccer team
Due to its portability, Beast has been adopted by Italian National Soccer team in Brazil for the 2014 World Cup.
Jamie Bowie
Scottish 400 mt relay runner
“Beast gives my training another dimension”
Heike Beier
German Pro volleyball player
“Beast is amazing”
Italian National Skiing team
The S&C coaches of the Italian skiing national team are using Beast to monitor workouts and assess condition on a daily base
James Scott
Strength and Conditioning Coach - Shanghai Sharks
"I use the beast because everyday I strive to make the invisible VISIBLE and this device helps me do that."
Alex Isaly
Celebrity Trainer and Elite Athlete
"The Beast is the perfect tool to measure and help design our training regimen to be as efficient, yet challenging, as possible. It gives us the data to "train with purpose".
Piotr Haczek
World Champion and Expert in High Performance Sport
"Beast has given me an instant access to data which helped in analyzing the session details quicker. It has enabled me to remotely oversee the training which has been extremely helpful in improving quality of the trainings sessions for my athletes."
Yamamay Busto Arsizio
Volleyball team
“Beast is a very helpful technology for our trainings; it allows us to monitor efficiently athletes’ explosive strength and power, very important values for volleyball players. Another value added is the possibility to easily record player progresses during the season.”